Announcing Litecoin (LTC) Mixer

Litecoin Mixer

We are happy to announce our Litecoin mixing service. This service would enable holders of LTC to make transactions on the network anonymously. As you are aware, privacy has been a big issue for blockchains such as the Litecoin network because it is a public blockchain.


To start mixing your Litecoin (LTC) click on the link.


The implication of this is that anyone with a copy of the Litecoin network is able to see all the transactions they’re interested in through an explorer. It doesn’t matter when the transactions were made. A careful analysis would follow, trace and see every transaction made by a wallet or node in the past, present and even the future.


The result of this is that blockchain networks have become goldmines of information for blockchain analysts who are backed by governments and other entities interested in gaining access to financial data on the blockchain. At a time people covet privacy, this has been a challenge to the use of cryptocurrencies, since there are risks associated with the use of the technology, especially with regards to privacy.


Risk of Lack of Privacy


Could you imagine the experience a user of cryptocurrency had recently? According to them:


“I felt something weird like 3 hours ago when my friend sent me his cryptocurrency address to send him around $1k for his services, so what I did, I came online [and] quickly copied his address quickly pasted it in the blockchain send form, wrote 1000, then I hit send from then I went offline I came back He was like ‘nothing was received[...], I checked my online wallet and I found out that [coins] was sent to a different address with the same first 9characters![...]My PC was infected by the malware that replacing cryptocurrency addresses on web pages of my browser.”

- [user from reddit]

Hacks such as the above are incentivized by the fact that hackers could explore and even link wallets with substantial volume of coins with the identity of the owner. They then exploit their devices using strategies that seem innocuous such as sending emails with links or inserting malicious malware on the user’s device. Threats such as this are the reason why the user of cryptocurrencies should protect their assets by using coin tumbling services.


Advantages of Using Our Litecoin Mixer


Our Litecoin tumbler is the way to go to ensure that you remain anonymous on the LTC network and also protect your digital assets from prying eyes of malicious users. This is accomplished by using the service whenever you want to pay a merchant or when you’re receiving funds. You do not need to expose your wallet address to the public. Our LTC anonymization service ensures that you don’t.


Basically, using the service keeps you anonymous by dissociating your identity from your wallet, so you can also use it while using exchanges where you have gone through verification.


Try it now and keep your coins secure and identity anonymous on the LTC network.